One Year Roaming

One Year Roaming 

A year ago we decided to create opportunity from defeat and dive into retail with next to no knowledge of what we were doing. As many others experienced during this last year, Chelsea had lost her job due to the COVID pandemic, and there was a lot of uncertainty about what to do next. 

 Then, we took a leap of faith. A leap of faith that has since become our biggest blessing. Chelsea's passion for fashion coupled with Andrew's desire to own his own business created the perfect platform. In May of 2020, we opened our cozy little shop in the middle of Joshua Tree, California - Roaming Travelers. 

In the months that followed we poured every ounce of ourselves into realizing this dream.  There were many long days and late nights spent creating and refining every detail. In the process we have learned so much and grown as individuals as well as together.  

Our shop in Joshua Tree only brought us more inspiration. We dreamt of amplifying our reach and expanding our desert community. We quickly made great connections with our community and local makers;  carrying many of their handmade products in our store and online.  We were inspired by these individuals to create a place for those like us with small businesses and big dreams.

 In collaboration with Melisa at Thirty Nine Fox, our vision came to life; a co-op styled space that would remove the barriers to entry for makers and vendors, allowing them to flourish in a store-front. In April of 2021, we were able to open the doors of Hi-Desert Daydream! Our second shop! Hi-Desert homes fourteen different vendors inside a common space, So it truly is everyone’s daydream dream alive in one place.  

We never could've imagined all that would come from our little dream.  Reflecting on the last year we are overwhelmed with thanks for the support of our community, and our loyal customers who have allowed us to grow exponentially. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful community of daydreamers. 

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