WEB3 Tokengated Discounts

Introducing a new way to unlock the potential of web3 in the comfort of web2!


Simply connect your Web3 wallet (read only) to our site for upwards of 40% savings!


Step 1: Open the 'Perks' tab

Perks tab is located in the lower left of the screen


Step 2: Connect your wallet

Your wallet is read for the presence of specific tokens (below). If valid, a gas less transaction / signature will generate a coupon code is generated and automatically applied to your cart at checkout.

Tokengated Discounts

Step 3: Activate the coupon

You can choose to optionally pay via crypto at checkout via Coinbase Commerce or through traditional meathods such as Debit/Credit, Shop Pay or PayPal.


ERC-20 Tokens: $USDT, $ID, $BAT, $APE

Eligible NFT Projects: CryptoPunks, Cryptotoadz, Cool Cats, Crypto Dads, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, CyberKongs, VeeFriends, Lazy Lions, Gutter Cat Gang, Women of the World, Crypto Coven, Slacker Duck Pond, Desert Minis

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